Re: Unsual routings?

Tim O'Connor

Tony is doubtless correct that these cars were captured by the local
carrier and loaded for destinations in the east in violation of the
car service rules....
Richard Hendrickson

Richard, an SFRD reefer loaded in Minnesota and consigned to anywhere
in Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi,
Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Arkansas -- or to
ANY STATE serviced directly by the Santa Fe -- could be in 100% compliance
with AAR Car Service Rules as spelled out explicity in every ORER. (Pages
748-754 of the January 1953 ORER.)

However, although the above could be in compliance, it generally would
only happen if circumstances existed that allowed it -- like no other
suitable car of more appropriate ownership was available (e.g. there is
a strong preference to send an FGE car back to Florida, or to send a
home road car, rather than send an SFRD).

Tim O'Connor

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