Re: New ART Steel Reefer Runs Now Available

Tim O'Connor

If you look at the collection of ART photos in the "Refrigerator Car
Color Guide" every one of them appears to be pale orange or darker except
for ONE -- but when I look at the sky in that photo (page 16) I realize the
photo has shifted badly and was not color-corrected. A couple of photos of
dark orange cars also appear to be color shifted (at least one looks like
an Ektachrome)

Tim O'Connor

Prior to the 1964 color change to orange with the N&W's acquisition the
Wabash, virtually all A.R.T. reefers were painted with yellow sides. Some
do appear to shift towards orange in color photos or as they age & weather.
As Tim mentions, a small class of insulated boxcars assigned to the Wabash
were painted a dark blue. This was short lived, just about a six month

An A.R.T. book is in the works with Tony. Hopefully it will follow the MDT

Gene Semon

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