Re: RDG/ Southern box car questions

lnnrr <lnnrr@...>

Perhaps the jury should meet in Cocoa Beach. With ballots on the table.
Come Friday morning....Oyez! Oyez! Decision to be announced on
Saturday night by the Sheriff in these here parts. Photos of the
underframe to be supplied beside the models so no one need turn
them over to see.
Chuck Peck

--- In STMFC@..., Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@...> wrote:

So sayeth Tony... but where is thy Jury?

Tim O'Connor

Tim O'Connor wrote:
Ok, I'll bet you can't turn this sow's ear into a silk purse. If you
lose you have to buy me a beer the next time we meet and
vice versa. And we'll probably have to buy a round for the jury too.
Ben, never bet Tim any beer. Last time I did so, he lost but
wouldn't pay up.

Tony Thompson

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