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Would have helped, I suppose, if I'd included the link. Ho hum!

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Thanks all for the info!

Being the 1940 modeler Bruce mentioned that was discussing this with, I've been thinking about scratchbuilding some hoppers to cover the more distinctive types. The problem I've always been a little wary of with hoppers is how to make the side ribs. I found this fantastic article by Jeff Eggert on stamping ribs out of brass using a styrene form, using all sorts of clever tricks to make them repeatable and quick.

With Archer rivets, some careful styrene work and this technique, I think some presentable and relatively accurate hoppers are quite possible. Reading cars seem to be quite distinctive, with a relatively shallow slope of the slope sheets.

Ed Walters

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The Reading rebuilt their open hopper cars in large batches in their company shops. I have a copy of a Reading book that documented the rebuilding of the HTf class during the thirties. The photos do not show every end panel being replaced. The repair appears to be done on an "as-needed" basis.

This was also done to the HTj (USRA twin) class when they were rebuilt in the thirties. This is why some of the LOa covered hoppers had the same panel on the ends of the cars but not all. The panels that were applied to the hopper cars were recycled from boxcars as some have boxcar lettering on them when applied during the rebuilds. None went out of the shops with that paint, but it does show that the panels were being used a second time also.

Not sure what would be a good start for the HTh in HO, I model in O scale. The car does appear to have a shallow slope to the slope sheet than other cars on the Reading roster. I plan to use an Atlas War Emergency hopper as the starting point in o scale, with new scratch-built sides. It is within a few inches on the inside length, the height will need to come down a little.

George Losse

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A friend and I were having a discussion on modeling the READING
hopper fleet, especially circa 1940-44 (he models 1940, and I 1944).
I had a couple of questions regarding various READING hoppers.

1) I see that F&C sells kits (1019, 1020) for class HTf twin hoppers
with plain and pressed steel ends respectively. The F&C web site
implies that the pressed steel ends replaced the plain ends around
the time the cars were converted from arch-bar trucks. Is this correct?

2) I'm curious to know if there are any models in HO of the READING
HTh class twin "pre-USRA" cars, series 74500-78999 or suggestions on
how to kitbash these cars. With 4500 built in 1917-18 this car
should be represented in both our fleets.


Bruce F. Smith
Auburn, AL

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