Re: Larry Jackman 1931-2009

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I did not know Larry Jackman, although I did meet him briefly one time. He could be abrasive at times in his posts, but his experiences as a real life on-the-ground railroad operations employee always came through with a healthy dose of credibility.

Over a period of several years prior to his move from Florida to the northwest, he sent me box after box after box of his railroad-subject photos (color prints) most of them photos of railroad car details- details of all kinds from cars of all kinds.

Although I counseled him repeatedly that if he contributed them directly to the California State Railroad Museum, he could be eligible for tax credits, he insisted that they be given to me, to then give to the CSRM. That is what I did (no, I did not take the tax credits).

His brief very last and candid posts from Florida were remarkable in that he made clear in his own words that he was moving to the Northwest to die. I do not believe that we heard from him again.


Denny S. Anspach MD

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