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All my photos show DT&I gons in black, but I could swear I had one in red;
like PRR FCC shade red.


Were those DT&I "G31 clones" (9100-9299) painted originally in the billboard
DT&I with small compass centered scheme, or did that come later?

Elden Gatwood

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Were the DT&I 7000 series gons painted freight car red during
their entire life, or were they painted black during some period.
I am mainly interested in 1951. I knew they were FCR in the late
1950's and into the 60's, but in looking at photos I thought that
perhaps they were black during a period in the 1940's leading into
the 1950's.
The only paint specs I have located for DT&I gondola cars were for
series 9100-9299, built 7-52, AC&F lot no. 3607. Entire car painted
black with white stencils.
Ed Hawkins

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