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In a personal communication with Jim Hediger at MODEL RAILROADER (Jim is a well known DT&I modeler, and I believe his family worked for the DT&I), Jim -with his permission- states the following:

The DT&I 41-foot drop-end gons were series 7000-7299 (300 cars).
As far as I know, they should be painted black with white lettering and the old round herald.

Henry Ford painted his boxcars in the usual freight car dark red. However, open top cars (flats, gondolas, and hoppers) were all black, so my feeling is the new Pennroad management would have maintained the same colors on the DT&I.

Life-Like made a boxcar red set of DT&I gondolas with the round herald a couple of years ago, but I donít think this color is correct and it is the source of considerable confusion. I lived in Dearborn and worked in the area where most of the DT&I gons were used. I have never seen a prototype dark red DT&I gondola, or a color slide of one with the old round Ford-era herald, but I have seen many of these cars in black with the old herald.
Jim goes on to argue pretty strongly that the cars were probably never painted FCR during the era of our interest, and that arguments to the contrary (divining "color" from b&w photos) are not strong enough to act upon.

Confirmatory color photos of these cars are yet still to be found.

Denny S. Anspach MD


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