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Your thoughts on Abacus Models, gentlemen?
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I have no affiliation whatsoever with this manufacturer, but feel a
shout-out is warranted to a new start-up resin manufacturer that out
of the gate offers three prototypically correct Canadian offerings -

CCF war emergency tank cars:

CP ARA standard 1932 boxcar conversion to stock cars:

Quebec Cartier Mining 1937 AAR boxcars:

The last one particularly intrigues me - does anyone model the
landlocked, non-interchange Quebec mining roads (Cartier, QNSL,
Arnaud/Wabush)? They don't seem to get much
attention. Atlas/Stewart did offer their C630 in Cartier in HO and N
respectively. Conversely, Life-Like/Hobbycraft/Walthers have for
years collectively had their heads in the sand in ignoring QNSL
newsprint cars to the point of bogus advertising/box copy roadname
and production counts which omitted the QNSL cars.

Doug Stark

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