Re: sugar beet loads (was Motrak car loads)

Tim O'Connor

At 12/23/2010 02:17 PM Thursday, you wrote:
On the subject of how to make a realistic-looking load for a sugar beet
gondola, had anyone looked at ordinary beet seed, available in all garden
stores in the spring season? It's quite close to the appearance of sugar
beets. Sugar beets usually are very large compared to the edible kind with
which a lot more folks are familiar. Dimensions of the sugar beets I have
been close to run to six or eight inches in diameter and up to ten even
twelve inches long. Many beets are irregular-a more accurate adjective would
be ugly- beasts. Ordinary beet seed is a little wrinkled in appearance, but
approximately the right scale size for HO. Scaled beets-at 1/87-would be in
the order of .100" in length. Garden variety beet seed is roughly that
dimension. It has no smell! You might want to ask for the jumbo size
Merry Christmas! JP Barger

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