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Sunshine also did the kit; it is or was their 24.10 and 24.11.

Paul C. Koehler


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If I am not mistaken 5th Ave. Car Shops did this car in the past. I am not
sure if they are still available or not but Jim Singer will be in Cocoa
Beach on Wednesday night (I knw that as I am his driver... LOL LOL ) and
John Greedy willbe as well and may be able to shed some light on the Kingan
and I know JP Barger will as far as I know.

Greg Martin

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This is is not THE answer to Larry Sexton's question about the color of
Kingan's reefers, but rather some pretty good evidence pointing in the right

Three color pictures of the subject cars find themselves in my reefer pix
collection. The first car is 3862, a wood sided car. Source of the picture
is a slide of Chuck Yungkurth's. The car has a board roof of classic
appearance with the outside tongue and groove boards running across the car.
The sides are painted a shade I will describe related to the standard
floquil light orange as being on the yellow side of that. The roof and ends
are boxcar red. The side 6 rung ladders are the same color as the sides. The
fascia strip at the top of the side is also boxcar red. The lettering
showing any possible dates is too small, or not sharp enough, to be legible.

The second car is a horizontal seam steel car with a door like the Milwaukee
cars have, with two latch bars. It also has staggered vertical rivet rows
among its 10 panels. Diagonal steel roof, steel hatches. Build date is
probably 11/56. The sides of this car, numbered 3611, are on the orange side
of light orange, a different shade of light orange, perhaps halfway between
orange and light orange. Picture source is again Yungkurth's slide.

The third car, 3578, appears at the left in a Bob's Photo picture
principally devoted to New Haven switcher 0935, taken in Boston on 16 Sep
64. It is also a horizontal seam steel car. The color is even closer to
Floquil light orange, coming from the orange direction, only subtly
different from that of 3611.

On page 49 of Gene Green's wonderful color guide book, there are three more
color pictures of Kingan reefers. They are 3045 and 3894, both wood, and
both about halfway between reefer yellow and light orange, and steel reefer
3547,the color of which pretty much duplicates that of 3045, only perhaps
slightly toward the yellow side.Looking more carefully, I see that 3894 is
more orangy than 3045.

I would say that you could start with Floquil light orange, tinting it
with either yellow or regular orange, in either direction with one or the

Thanks for the chance to share data. JP Barger

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