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Paul Lyons


I don't think you are correct, but if you are, I will apologize for my earlier post. Dennis, if DPH is out of stock, as Tim suggests, contact me off list and I have send you a pack so you can finish your model.

Paul Lyons

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Guys, DPH is out of stock of this part. I think that's what Dennis was asking.
As far as I know, only DPH carries DPH detail parts. At least I haven't seen 'em
anywhere else.

Tim O'Connor

Happy Holidays to all.
I have finally put the finishing touches on the Sunshine 64.1 NYC 10' IH Rebuild kit. With the help of Ted Cullota's fine article in RMC, the build went well. Except that Ted talks about using the Des Plaines Hobbies DPH2001 stirrup steps (special two step type) and I cannot locate them anywhere. Any clues from the group? They are so distinctive that without them the car will look odd. Thanks for the help.
Dennis Korn

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