Sunshine kit instruction request

Eric Hansmann

Holiday Greetings to Everyone!
I recently purchased Sunshine kit #85.1 from a fellow list member and I'm unsure
if it contains the proper directions. The seller noted that what was in the box
is all original. The kit is for an L&N 36-foot rebuilt box car, but the
directions enclosed are for the Northern Pacific 10000 series/ Cotton Belt 31000
& 36000 series double-sheathed 40-foot box cars. These instructions seem to be
for the Sunshine #52.x series kits.
Is there a member out there who can offer a scan of the proper instructions for
the Sunshine #85.1 kit for the L&N box cars? Please reply off list to:
eric@... [mailto:eric@...]
Many thanks!
Eric Hansmann
Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Come to RPM-East this March!

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