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Santa was kind enough to bring me RP Cyc 20 and 21--also required reading for good STMFC and RPM guys. My question is how did he know???

Merry Christmas!

John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

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I agree with Charlie D.; if you are on this list, then this should be
required reading. Definitely the "go to book" for STMFC modelers.

Fred Freitas

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My copy of Focus on Freight Cars Volume Two Double Sheathed Box & Automobile
Cars arrived a couple of days ago; all I can say is, if your on this list "buy
one" you won't be disappointed. Clear photographs, detailed photos of the ends
and well captioned photos.

It's nice to see freight cars without spray paint covering the carbodies -
reminds me why I model the 1950's.

Charlie Duckworth

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