Re: New River & Pocohontas Consolidated Coal Co.

Ray Breyer

Gene Green asks:
Lacking that, does anyone have an ORER from late 1913 or
1914? (listing for the NR&P)
Page 1261 of the December 27, 1912 issue of RAILWAY AGE
GAZETTE shows that the New River & Pocohontas
Consolidated Coal Co. ordered 1000 refrigerator cars from
"Merch. Desp. Tr."  Frankly, I am skeptical.

Hi Gene,

The 6/1917 ORER (available on Google Books, BTW) has a small, two paragraph on this road, at the top of page 967. The important one says:

"The cars of this company are steel hoppers of 100,000 lbs capacity, marked with a white ball on a black square, lettered 'NR&PCC Co" and numbered 1001 to 2000."

These are the ONLY cars listed, and according to the ORER, the description was submitted in 2/1914.

The 1/1913 and 12/1912 listings say the same thing. My next earliest ORER is 4/1909, and the road isn't listed.

Hope this helps,
Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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