Re: NYC Boxcar stirrup steps

David Sieber

--- In STMFC@..., Tim O'Connor wrote: "If they were in stock, the part # would be DPH 2001." and "Guys, DPH is out of stock of this part. I think that's what Dennis was asking. As far as I know, only DPH carries DPH detail parts. At least I haven't seen 'em anywhere else."
--- then Paul Lyons wrote: "Tim, I don't think you are correct, but if you are, I will apologize for my earlier post. Dennis, if DPH is out of stock, as Tim suggests, contact me off list and I have send you a pack so you can finish your model."


Unfortunately, I must confirm that Tim is correct; Des Plaines Hobbies was completely out of stock on the MDT/NYC two-step stirrups when I asked for them in October before the Naperville RPM meet. I asked when they would be restocked, and the owner replied that since they were molded on the same sprue/runner as the MDT single-step stirrups, he was waiting until their stock went down on those before ordering any more of both steps. When I reminded him that, if I remembered correctly, the double-step stirrups were used on all four corners of MDT reefers while the single steps were used only below the two center doors, which would explain why he ran out of the double-step stirrups twice as fast, he got this strange look on his face ...

Given that these steps were also used on some NYC rebuilds, I suspect a number of folks on this list are eagerly awaiting DPH finally restocking these double-step stirrups, for which I believe they are the only commercial source (anyone know any other manufacturer?).

Good luck, Dave Sieber, Reno NV

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