Re: NYC Boxcar stirrup steps


Also check out Detail Associates steps for baggage cars. I don't know if the size is correct, but it looks like a similar unit. I just mounted some of these on an old Rivarossi UP baggage (really a postage storage) car. They are molded in yellow flex plastic and have a diagonal strap on one side, which is easily removed.

Hope this helps.

Steve Katy

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I originally bought my double-step stirrups to replace broken white-metal
stirrups on my Des Plaines Valley (Storzek) Rutland box car. So yes there
was another source, nicely made white metal parts, but you have to buy the
whole box car kit to get them, and there weren't any extras in the kit.

These double-steps were used on some Soo Line single sheathed box cars too,
and I think there is a pair of them in the Des Plaines Valley kit.

Tim O'Connor
The steps on the Soo Line car were different; they had straps that mounted flat on the surface of the sill, but the "legs" were different lengths, as one end mounted lower on the end of the end sill:

The steps for the NYC car had angle brackets which mounted to the outer face of the side sill; both brackets being at the same lever as on this car:

I made patterns for white metal parts of both, but the rights to both went to DPH when I sold the line.

Ron subsequently had a tool made to do the NYC style in plastic, and the Soo Line Historical & Technical Society had a tool made to do the Soo style done in plastic, also, which is what Speedwhitch was shipping with their kits.

Both styles have rather limited application, and I'm not aware of any other source, other than building them from brass strip.


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