Re: A great glue for resin kits


Is this the wonderous stuff of which thoust speak?


From: Gary Roe <wabashrr@...>
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Sent: Tue, December 28, 2010 10:24:38 AM
Subject: RE: [STMFC] A great glue for resin kits

I have not used this glue for resin; but I know it works great for repairing
broken handrails made of engineering plastic. It's worth purchasing even if
that's your only use of it.

gary roe
quincy, illinois


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Subject: [STMFC] A great glue for resin kits

After struggling through many different adhesives, some of which left a
brittle joint, some a white film, some which didn't work at all; I have
found Loctite for plastics. Following the directions in the use of the
activator and glue will lead to great results, an invisible, super strong
joint. I'm done with expensive exotic glues as this can be found at Home
Depot for three bucks. If anyone here knows a hobby shop owner tell them to
stock this product.

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