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Nathan Obermeyer


Do you have a direct link to the data base you're using? The LOC is so large, I just want to ensure I'm looking in the correct place. Also, where are the industries information located? Thank you,


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I think it is a worthy suggestion to create a data base of photos from the LofC photo collection. I do think it is important to know that this may be a moving target. From my visits to their web archives they continue to expand both what is there and what is available as a high resolution image.

Also for those researching various industries related to railroading, their collection is a gold mine. For example there are many images related to agriculture: planting, harvesting, preparation, shipping, wholesaling and retailing of perishable produce for example.

There are also some small collections that can only be seen on the premises. For example there is such a collection from the a AAR.

Bill Welch

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