Re: A great glue for resin kits

Tim O'Connor

When I build resin carbodies, especially closed cars, I only use CA
to "tack" parts together and then use generous applications of good
old Epoxy to ensure permanent bonds. I have a Sunshine gondola on
which I used only CA throughout, and it's always been somewhat "brittle"
with weak side-to-floor bonds. Try gluing something like Gary said -
a broken delrin handrail - and then give it a good twist and flex. If
the bond holds, then this Loctite stuff may actually be different.
In the meantime, my little 2-yr old bottle of Zap is still working.

Tim O'Connor

I spent a bit of time downstairs this evening, for the first time in
sometime to be honest. Anyhow, as I indicted earlier, I went to Home Depot
and purchased the Loctite Plastic Bonding System and found it to be a very
easy to use product. I worked on a caboose and a mechanical reefer, both by
WrightTRAK, and it worked well on both of these cars. I used the activator
first, as directed to and then the glue. Worked great resulting in nice
tight bonds. How these hold up over time is a whole different subject. For
the price, 3.98 at the local store, you almost can't go wrong. Even is this
didn't work on resin freight cars I am sure that there would be a 1,000,001
uses around the house. I also, as stated, picked up Gorilla Super Glue. I
did NOT try that tonight and as such cant report on it. Overall I was happy
with the Loctite product and am anxious to see how it holds up over time.

Denis Blake

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