Re: A great glue for resin kits

Tony Higgins

This is an interesting technique to facilitate positioning the parts before applying (fast setting) CA. I have had to unbond a CA joint on a few occasions when I wasn't satisfied with the fit and that's a pain. However, I threw out my Walther's GOO years ago when I ruined a fully detailed caboose underframe in using it to attach the weight and I'm reluctant to get another tube.

I wonder if anyone else has other suggestions for a two step bonding process as Bob described using something other than GOO as the first step and finishing with CA (which I still prefer)?

I buy the tiny tubes of Super Glue sold for a few bucks per 5 pack at Home Depot. It's cheap enough that if I suspect a tube has gone stale I toss it and open a new one...

Tony Higgins
Pittsford, NY

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Hi , My method is Walthers Goo for initial bond with an application of ACC after . The joint is stronger than the resin , learned the hard way after a mistake . I use the micro tips on the Goo to control it , works well in O scale joints , no experience in smaller scales . Bob Jones


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