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Ricky (not signing his full name) wrote:
I think the advantage in the Loctite system is in the Activator which "primes" the material allowing the CA to soak in instead of just lay on the surface.
The glue does not "soak in" to metals, glass, plastics etc. But "prime" is probably a good word in accelerating the setting.

I think most "super glues" are pretty much the same chemically. The same system is used in plumbing, a primer(activator) then a solvent(glue) resulting in a long lasting "solvent-welded" joint.
There are lots of CA formulations, as you can readily discover by Googling. The CA system does NOT use a solvent for the materials to be joined, and is thus QUITE different from plumbing glues used for plastic pipe--or the styrene cements we use in modeling.

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