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Mark P.

Yes, the T&OC existed as a paper railroad (past the end of the STMFC list). Reporting marks disappeared in the 1936 system-wide NYC renumbering, then reappeared on two bay NYC hoppers sometime after April 1964 and before 1965. Under Penn Central, box cars also carried these reporting marks.

The T&OC was controlled by the Hocking Valley from 1890-1910, then the C&O was forced by the ICC to divest the T&OC in 1910 when it took control of the HV (greatly simplified version). The Lake Shore & Michigan Southern gained control of the T&OC, then in 1922 the NYC leased the T&OC. At least one boxcar appears in a Conrail paint scheme with T&OC reporting marks.

Links to some other photos are at <>. I have some other links that have not been added to this page yet.

Mark Plank

Modeling the T&OC's St. Marys branch in S scale

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From: Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@...>

From what I can find online, TOC (or T&OC) was a railroad merged

into the New York Central in the 1950's. But here is a photo of a

TOC, ex-WAG single sheathed XM-1 box car in what must be the 1960's.

Is this the same TOC (Toledo & Ohio Central) that merged into NYC

or something else?

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