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Re: GOO, Barge Cement, and other contact adhesives: Tim O'C is absolutely right: just read the directions, allow the applied cement to develop contact mode (a few minutes for GOO, 8-10 minutes for Barge), and do NOT leave puddles of cement still full of liquid solvent. The latter is what almost always underlies problems of warpage/distortion of styrene, and occasionally resin, the trapped solvent eating its way out the best way that it can. LIke every single cement on the market that we use, there are inherent limitations that will come back and bite us if we are willfully ignorant of how they are to be used.

I too use contact cements to affix metal weights, if only to keep the styrene flooring, etc. flat and straight.

Bill Darnaby's good experience with straight-forward Duro brand ACC over the years is also right on. If anyone should know, Bill would. It is not that Duro is better,worse, or the same as other brands, it is that they obviously have quality control of both product and container that is ensuring a predictable product at a reasonable price. For a number of years, my brand has been of the Chinese flea market variety at about @$0.10/tube. Some tubes last for months and the cement is of high quality. Other tubes last for days, and the ACC is not worth a hoot. Some caps fasten tightly, others "cam-out". and I wear out needles poking holes through the caps. When I am through "saving money", I will also return to a standard brand like Duro.

The tried and true cements of the past decades continue to earn their keep" as reliable core products: Contact cements; "white" glues; ACC; epoxies; and solvents. Each and every one demands critical use, and nothing has changed. EVery month or so, some "new" glue or cement is touted as the best thing since sliced bread. Once in while, they are on to something, but most of the time- no. Nevertheless, although we cannot afford to not pay attention, few of these products offer anything new beyond what we already have available and should know how to use, except for emptying our pockets.


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