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There's a builder's photo of WM 30199 in RMJ 1/98, p 30.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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I have a Sunshine Western Maryland 30100 series 1937 double door boxcar that has been sitting around almost finished for a long time. The problem with finishing the model is the side sill tabs are not correct, or at least the ones at the ends are not correct. In the last few days I have corrected the end tabs, but now I am not sure about the configuration of the sills under the doors. The two photos of the prototype car pictured in the Sunshine PDS have the area under the doors in deep shadow, so I cannot discern anything from them. So does anyone have a photo of one of these cars with a clear view of the side sills that they can share?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Paul Lyons

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