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Richard Stern <rstern1@...>

I used ordinary anise seed, not baked. Just glued on top of a carved foam
core. Also a bit of green foam to indicate the stalks that sometimes fall
in with the beets.

The anise seed will smell like licorice for a while. It was only noticeable
(to me) close up to the car (I don't have great sense of smell), but I
happen to like the smell. It certainly didn't stink up the layout room, and
went away after a few weeks.

I have had some of the Detail Assoc. cars in service on my layout now for at
least 15 years. Occasionally some of the anise will fall off the foam if I
invert the car for maintenance. I just glue a bit more in. Otherwise, no

I believe Chooch or someone now makes a molded sugar beet load for the Red
Caboose cars.


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The article I remember seeing suggested baking the anise seeds. This would
tend to drive off some of the oils in the seeds, reducing the smell when
they are on the layout. I image it would tend to stink up the house during
the baking process. I bought some anise seeds some time ago, and I plan on
baking them in a couple of weeks when my wife is away on a trip. I should be
able to get the house aired out before she gets back. Probably just leaving
them out, exposed to the air for a long time (weeks or months) would also
tend to have the smell slowly dissipate.

I'll have to dig out the article when I get home. Or was it a post on this

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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