Thanks to the Westerfields

Panhandle Division 1953 <prrinvt@...>


As individuals, many of us are indebted to Al and Patti for bringing forth some of the most neglected STMFC prototypes. I would like to speak for one group, the PRRT&HS. The society has been blessed to have you bring out one new item over the past years at our annual meeting.
Collectively we have benefitted from your desire to make the most outstanding models of the items we asked for; and I, for one, would be lost without your products.
You have earned your retirement, and I send the most sincere wishes for continued health and wisdom in all the years to come. It has been a great run, and words alone cannot express our appreciation. Thank You both, from all of us.

Fred Freitas
PRRT&HS / Marketing & Sales Dir.

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