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Larry Wolohon

I remember the first time I saw Al's display @ the NMRA's trainshow in Washington in 1982. Al had a table in the trainshow, displaying some photos of some really neat freight cars. Al  had a survey to fill out, probably to verify that there would be some interest in building these freight cars. In the spring of 1983, if I recall properly, there in my local hobby shop was the first Westerfield model that I ever saw, a PRR XL boxcar. This car was different than any freight car that I had ever built, with resin sides & the great instructions & the prototype history of these models, which was very lacking in those days.

I have enjoyed building his models through the years, I think his freight cars were the best. They always fit like they should, his instructions were always very good plus not to mention the prototype history of his models.

I will miss Al  & Patricia not being @ the National Train Shows.

Thanks & have fun building the IRT,

Larry Wolohon

I have to finish my 50' GN single sheathed auto box, by Westerfeild.

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Thanks for all the kind words from you STMFC members. I started the business because there were few freight cars in the era I modeled to put on my layout. I haven't had a layout in 25 years - no time. I hope to have some time starting in April. - Al Westerfield

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STMFC...thanks for all the good stuff over the yrs. Like most on the STMFC,
I have quite a few of their little beauties running around. I can still
recall a comment by the late Lou Ullian. He noted that, before Westerfield
cars were added to my train consists, he would look at the locomotives.
"Now...", he said, "I look at the cars as well".

Mike Brock

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