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Friends, I urge everyone who has taken part in the Shake/Take kit-bashing (hate that term, but love the concept!) project this last year and who will be immanently attending the Cocoa "Bash-On-The-Beach", to bring their models with them (both 2010 AND 2009!), no matter what stage of construction, conversion, etc. This is a cooperative, not a competitive adventure, and it is always so instructive to discover (once again!) that every single modeler has exercised far differing skills and judgements than your own in the pursuit of a nominally-common goal. I cannot count how many "behavior modifications" I have undergone after seeing others' similar models, or listening to a fellow modeler talking through "how he did what he did", or how he split this or that hair.

This past year's project (conversion of a generic blue box Athearn gon with fishbelly sidesills to a 40' DT&I drop end Bethlehem gon) has been challenging, to say the least; but at least for me, the result has been very satisfying (others viewing the same result may well differ!). It has not been quite "scratch-building", but it has been well on its way toward that goal. Thank God for 1) Styrene shapes and cement, 2) ACC 3) Fine paints.

And particular thanks this past year to Greg Martin, Jim Singer, the two who thought up and then ramrodded the project; and Tahoe Model Works, Athearn, Speedwitch, and Accurail, each of which contributed to the project in significant ways.


Denny S. Anspach MD

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