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Robert Tomb

Tim and Group,

I have several manufacturer's manuals for cranes built in the early 1900's, in both 4-wheel and 8-wheel versions that show self-propelling gears and clutches on even the smallest sizes were common. They tended to be geared for low speed, and could even pull a couple of freight cars.

Robert Tomb
Spring, TX

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Recently I brought up the Brownhoist cranes on another list, and
was told that I was mistaken to think the steam-powered cranes were
self-propelled. I was told only dieselized (rebuilt) cranes were
capable. Not so? I Googled for Brownhoist catalogs (easily found)
and also looked them up in "Railroad History" but could not find
any definite answers about self-propulsion.

A crane ain't a caboose, or a passenger car, or a loco -- so it
must be a freight car! :-)

Tim O'Connor

Begging Mike's pardon, as this is really peripherally related to steam
era freight cars... but I need to post here to reach those who of you at
Prototype Rails asked for more information about the axle mounted
micromotor I had there that is destined to power my HO Tichy 120 ton
derrick. The motor and gears are from E-Flite (or Blade) and are item #
EFLH1066, replacement servo unit. A simple Google search with
"EFLH1066" will get you to the product right away. I mounted this on a
Reboxx 1.044 long axle with 0.088 treads in a Bowser 70 ton Andrews
truck (ie. their PRR "Crown" truck).

In addition, there are photos of the process of mounting the motor in
the "wreck derricks" folder of the PRRPro group on Yehaw (and yes, you
have to join to see them).

Finally, I have video of the truck moving on my test track, connected to
a small wafer battery.
I hope to connect it directly to track power and even DCC eventually.

Before any of you credit me with genius (or insanity), I want to give Ed
Walters credit for the idea. He got me started with references to
english modelers doing this sort of thing -

Those of you interested in more details, please lets take this
discussion off STMFC!


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