Re: Window Glazing

cj riley <cjriley42@...>

<How good is the liquid window-glazing that you put in with a "tooth-pick" (more <or less) for like, caboose windows?

<Does it dry thick enough to be strong against breaking and is it pretty smooth,
I have used such products extensively, particularly on brass caboose cupolas that are inaccessible from the inside. It works,  but visually it is less perfect than clear styrene (about as much difference as clear styrene is from slide glass. I find it to be acceptable and have some that approach 30 years old. It is best if you use it on all windows in a given model, so there is no contrast with sheet material.
Less material is better and it is possible to remove excess by poking through with a tooth pick, removing a small amount. a shiny finish should be added after curing.
CJ Riley

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