Rapido photos at Cocoa Beach + The Shoe

mike brock <brockm@...>

Doug Harding writes:

Aaron, I have just uploaded photos of the new reefer, to Bill's new folder. They will be here once approved: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/STMFC/photos/album/1158312335/pic/list
As many have probably noticed, having finally awakened from a dazed sleep [ I attended about 3.17 clinics and averaged about the same number of hours of sleep per night during Prototype Rails ], I have just approved Doug's photos of the new Rapido car.

The 2011 version of Prototype Rails did, BTW, add another item to the list of urban legends associated with such meets. Our very proper and extremely forthright and analytical member, Denny Anspach, apparently was deep into a conversation with John Greedy about a model [ one assumes ] while riding up in the elevator. Upon reaching the fifth floor, John and Denny disembarked still engrossed in the conversation. John soon arrived at his door and Denny proceeded on down the hall way. Arriving at his door, he noticed that a shoe was being used to prop open the door. Being highly analytical, Denny was a bit curious about the shoe but continued on into the room. His curiosity rose as he then noticed two people in bed. One might, I suppose, wonder what Denny thought then but, regardless, he quickly beat a retreat which continued until he reached the elevator in which he proceeded to the 6th floor where his room was located...presumably sans shoe.

Mike Brock

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