Possible prototypes for Sunshine's Warren & Columbian 8,000 gallon tankcars


G'Day All,

As a modeler who models late 1979, I'm always on the lookout for steam era kits that will fit into my era. So I got pretty excited when I picked up a couple of Sunshine kits for the Warren/Columbian 8,000 gal tankcars at a show in Pittsburgh last November.


I recently came across these cars that appear to be near matches for the Sunshine kits, but as I'm not an expert on steam era tankcars, I could use some confirmation that these are indeed insulated tankcars that match the kits.




Thanks in advance,

Darrall Swift
Modeling the BN\GN\MILW in North central Montana (Great Falls to Shelby) Circa: Fall of 1979

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