Re: Possible prototypes for Sunshine's Warren & Columbian 8,000 gallon tankcars

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Darrall Swift wrote:

As a modeler who models late 1979, I'm always on the lookout for steam era kits that will fit into my era. So I got pretty excited when I picked up a couple of Sunshine kits for the Warren/Columbian 8,000 gal tankcars at a show in Pittsburgh last November.

I recently came across these cars that appear to be near matches for the Sunshine kits, but as I'm not an expert on steam era tankcars, I could use some confirmation that these are indeed insulated tankcars that match the kits.
Depends a bit on what you mean by "match," but no, I'd say none of the photos you cite show the same car body. Two reasons for saying so: tank aspect ratio (length to diameter) is different, and dome-top fittings are quite different from the Sunshine car. However, the Warren kit does match the prototype photo of WRNX 204 in Ed Kaminski's tank car book.

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