Re: New Rapido reefer--the roof?

Bill Schneider

Hi Ed,

If you have the RP Cyc #14, open to page 78 (the lead page in the article). You will see that the roof does indeed have boards, not metal. Further, Ed and Pat sent me the original scan of the photo on page 83 and it is very clearly a board roof. In fact, even in the book if you look back about half way down the right hand side of the roof you can see one board joint not quite even. The roof looks to be made of T&G with very tight joints, then covered with a fairly solid coat of car cement and/or paint. In talking with Ed Hawkins early on in the development of this project he admitted that the caption and text were in error regarding the roof.

Regarding the model, the roof is clearly..... overstated. I’ll cover that in my next e-mail.... ;>)

Bill Schneider
Rapido Trains

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I'm still interested in reconciling what looks like t&g planking on the roof of the model with the statements (supported by a roof shot) in RPC #14 that the roof surface was relatively smooth sheet metal. Which one's right?


Edward Sutorik

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