Re: Rapido freight car at Cocoa Beach

Douglas Harding

It still amazes me how many have commented on this new freight car, without
reading/understanding the comments that this is an early test shot and that
much work still needs to be done before a final production model is

I want to commend Bill and Jason for going to the extra effort to have an
early test shot available for examination. Bill took our ribbing and our
comments very seriously and patiently explained that he had already be in
touch with the factory and improvements were already in process. It seems
the Chinese do not understand our desire for fidelity to prototype. That
must come from doing to many molds for the Tyco and AHM of the world. And
let us not even discuss their understanding of Boxcar Red.

Knowing Bill's previous work, I suspect we will be pleasantly pleased with
this GATX reefer hits the hobby shops sometime this summer.

Doug Harding

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