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Secondly, almost all of those numbers could be SFRD cars
(from a fleet that totalled about 15,000 cars).
Bingo - every book number matches with SFRD series cars. And the cryptic
'RD' now makes sense too. Shoudda thought of that myself... guess I was too
conditioned by popular opinion that SFRD cars would *never* be seen going
over Sherman Hill. FWIW, for reefers, I've tallied 63 PFE cars, 14 SFRD's,
7 MDT, 6 ART, and 11 other marks (incl 1 CP reefer)-- in 10 trains (all
being mixed, no fruit blocks).

Thanks for your help!

Dave Nelson

P.S. Not one NW hopper has yet been recorded.

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