Re: IMWX / DPH NKP Box Car - Viking Roof

Andy Harman

At 02:10 AM 1/13/2011 -0500, you wrote:

I have never seen a 1960's or later photo of any of the 15000-15999 cars.
My 1967 ORER lists only 7 cars in that range listed under the N&W numbers 21500-21599. My 1974 ORER shows... drum roll... one car.

Oh well, maybe I will just build it as a steam era car. Plenty more NKP 40' box cars to do that did last well into the 70s.

The book does say 8 cars remained in NKP marks until 1979, but not sure how to go about finding them in the ORER. Or rather, I forgot. I know I was looking up pre-merger cars before... airslides, PS-2 4000s, and other covered hoppers.

Interesting that the book photo really doesn't look like a Viking roof - at least not the same type as the DPH kit comes with. But above it are the 13200-13499 class of P-S built cars, and the car in that photo definitely has a Viking roof.


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