Re: IMWX / DPH NKP Box Car - Viking Roof

Ray Breyer

Hi Andy,

The museum at North Judson, IN, has two of these cars preserved: NKP 15797, still in original NKP paint (including black ends, and an odd door lower sill reinforcement tab), and NKP 15979 in a faded N&W hamburger scheme (MOW) with the NKP lettering peeking through. I can't tell if the roofs are original or replacements though; that will require a trip to the museum in the spring!

If you'd like 'em, I can pass along photos offlist.

Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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Subject: [STMFC] IMWX / DPH NKP Box Car - Viking Roof
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Date: Thursday, January 13, 2011, 12:45 AM
Looking for an easy project that I
can actually use, I dug out a kit I
bought quite a few years ago from Des Plaines Hobbies.....
the 1937 AAR box
car with Viking roof.  Of course the next thing I did
was try and find a
prototype photo.  Not a lot out there. These cars
apparently lasted into
the 1970s and even though assigned N&W numbers, doesn't
look like many ever
got them.

In the Kincaid / Morning Sun book on page 64, there is a
picture dated 1962
of a box car that is a dead match for my DPH kit, except...
it doesn't
appear to have a Viking roof.   I looked up
a few old STMFC discussions in
my archives and found this:
Which would indicate that the entire batch of NKP box cars
15000-15499 had
Viking roofs.   Other than the lettering -
the car is a match for the photo
except for the roof.

Also I guess some "AAR 1937" box cars were build in
1936.  Interesting.

Anyway, odds are if I were to forward date the 1962 car to
1975, it would
still be in the same paint but with more rust and grime, an
ACI label, and
a few other reporting mark changes.

Can anyone confirm if all of the cars in this batch did
indeed have Viking
roofs?  The model is #15366, the photo in the book is
#15330.  Also the car
in the photo has a steel running board - which could have
been replaced,
and the doors look like the Youngstown 6' doors that come
with the model,
but have two larger ribs.

I don't know the terminology... just testing my powers of
observation.  The
basic car, ends, even the sill is a match.  The model
has polling pockets,
the prototype does not.  Of course it would be really
nice to have a 1970s
photo of one of these cars to go by.  But TBQH, if I'm
going to have to
repaint the car anyway, I may as well just find an undec
RC/IMWX kit and
start from scratch.  But I need to definitely confirm
the roof, as well as
figure out what type of doors I will need.

I'm a 70s modeler but I need lots and lots of steam era box
cars, in
particular N&W, Wabash, and Nickel Plate
cars.   Hopefully someone has a
copy of the Kincaid book and can take a look and check my
vision.  Freight
cars often take just as much research as a diesel, and
prototype photos are
a lot harder to come by it seems.  Any thoughts,
comments, corrections,



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