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Andy Harman writes:

It sure isn't necessary at that place (Silvestro's)... ouch. Gadawful
overpriced and the only thing worse than the service was the food. Should
have gone to Sonny's but we had already done that a couple days earlier in
Haines City.
I was likewise disappointed with Silvestro's. Originally, the "deal" with them was for three dinners at a price of $30 each. This was to include a dessert. I decided that that price was a bit too high and asked them that if we eliminated the desert what would that do to the price. The result was that the price would be $25...supposedly including a gratuity. They also informed me that they would not be able to do prime rib but would, instead, have filet mignon strips. Since this suited me, I agreed. So, we have the dinner and one of the choices is prime rib and the price was $31.80. Given that I had no written agreement and that, by the time I received my check, many had left, and, wanting to get back to the hotel, I chose not to dispute the issue. Upon further review, I probably should have. Another lesson learned.

Mike Brock

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