Re: Interesting car anybody have some back ground on it?

Donald B. Valentine

Photos of the LCIX cars have often appeared in Cyclopedias and Railway Age over the years but I do not recall anything describing how they were set up internally. From previous efforts in determining actual color from black & white photos, particularly with the earliest delivery of B&M E-7's (sorry Mike), it would seem the the most likely color would be something close to the silver tone of aluminum. In other words silver but lacking in reflective quality like a flat paint.

Regards, Don Valentine

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Rich, the RAILWAY AGE article has two photos of the cars, both of which also appear in the 1937 CBC. There's no mention of color in the article. I can send you copies of the two pages if you want, but they're from a bound volume here at the Colo. RR Museum so some of the text at the very left margin of the first page is dark & distorted where it dives into the binding. Let me know (off list at tcmadden at Q dot com) if you'd like the copies.

Tom Madden

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I know this is an old subject but -
Does anyone know what color the Liquid Carbonic cars were?
In the Car builders Cyclopedia from 1937, pg 194, figure 165, there is
reference to a description of the cars in Railway Age August 10, 1935 page
Does anyone have that issue of Railway age?

Rich Yoder
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You are thinking of the Mathison Dry Ice car offered by Laconia in the late
Fred Freitas

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A guess would be Liquid Carbonic, and the second builder's photo on the page
clearly shows a build date of 1935. I think LC was shipped in cylinders, but
someone else may have more accurate information.

I seem to recall that Ambroid or someone of that era in HO offered a kit for
a similar car.

John Stokes
Bellevue, WA

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I was surfing the net and stumbled across this site with this picture.

Anybody know what its purpose was or what it hauled or time frame it use




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