Re: Prototype Rails 2011 report

Andy Harman

On Thu, 13 Jan 2011 09:23:53 -0500, mike brock wrote
have filet mignon strips. Since this suited me, I agreed. So, we have the
dinner and one of the choices is prime rib and the price was $31.80. Given
that I had no written agreement and that, by the time I received my check,
many had left, and, wanting to get back to the hotel, I chose not to dispute
the issue. Upon further review, I probably should have. Another lesson
I got the feeling from the moment we arrived that they didn't really want us there in
the first place. The menu had no prices on it, which is another bad sign ("if you have
to ask...").

It's tough to find a restaurant that can handle a large group and both do a good job
with the group AND not screw their regular customers who have the misfortune to be there
at the same time. We walked out of one of our favorite places back last year, after
waiting an hour with no food. Waitress blamed kitchen, hostess blamed large group, I
blamed owner. Owner blamed waitress, but admitted that even after 25 years in business,
they just can't predict what a large group will do to the kitchen. We've been back. I
mainly just wanted to know what night of the week to avoid.


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