Re: RPM meets in Greensburg PA and Savannah GA

Andy Harman

On Thu, 13 Jan 2011 11:20:50 -0500, Rick Dietrichson wrote
Um you mean like this one...
click on other meets. If not all it has most.
Yep, lists all of last year's meets :-)

I tried to do this once. Any sort of clearing house for prototype modelers is a fail.
Everybody does their own meet their own way, and it works out great - and most of the
same people attend the meets! There's a clear lack of desire for even an informal,
loose association to coordinate date conflicts. I know... I tried to start it 14 years
ago. It was obvious in a short time that the committee we created was in effect, King
of Nothing. What we have now works great and that's all I ever wanted. I made the
mistake of being an enthusiastic promoter of something that didn't need promoting -
pretty much everybody on board already knew the drill. To those not on board / in the
choir, I was just a vocal Rivet Counter Advocate to point a finger at for ruining the
hobby. Another lesson learned in middle age. The important thing is the outcome, which
is what I wanted to happen all along - even though I had nothing to do with it and my
efforts probably did more harm than good, we got there.


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