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Charles Hladik

For sometime now the MER has beenusing a laptop at the registration
desk and making name tags for the walk-ins.
Chuck Hladik

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Jim Dick observed:
Could I ask a favor regarding the name tags next year?
Last summer at the end of our NP Spokane convention, two attendees asked
me if I could have "larger lettering on the nametags next year".
I listened and it will be - however that point was driven home this last
week. I think the names were 24 point at CB 2011, however now I am
thinking about 36 point as a minimum, and more if we can work it.

Good point. One issue for me is the name tags worn by walk-up registrants.
They are hand-written, presumably by the attendees themselves, and to be
quite honest, a tag that just says "Vic" or somesuch really doesn't tell me
who that person is. Maybe the locals all know, but many of us aren't local.
Plus we get forgetful as we age! Just like on the STMFC, full names,
written legibly, would be appreciated.

And hang the tags where we can read them. I don't want to stare at your
nether regions to read the name tag hanging on your belt....

Tom Madden

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