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This was my 11th attendance. Jeff's good sum-up says most of it, and I will not repeat.

The best part of this meeting is the relaxed culture and sociability, abetted each year by Mike's original dictum of "Leave your egos at the door". It is my personal modeling event of the year, and will likely remain so.

I attended most of the passenger clinics, and I enjoyed each and every one of them- despite low attendance; and I urge that they should be both continued and encouraged. The universal interchange of freight cars, when passenger cars are not, is still hard for many modelers to wrap their minds around.

The hotel's decision this year to provide a generous broad hot and cold buffet for breakfast for @$10 was a hit, and they should be commended for doing so.

I am still affronted by being called upon by an eminent presenter, just as I was enjoying a peaceful nap.

Florida Seafoods is hard to beat for those of us who love shellfish, particularly local shrimp- prepared any way that you want-, bottomless bowls of fritters, and for many of us, it still remains the dining place of choice after all of these years. I have almost memorized some of the menu!

We have been in the Florida Keys all week visiting family; and as we speak, I am gazing at the former FEC RR concrete arch bridge across the Niles Channel between Summerland and Ramrod Keys. Although I have been in the Keys many times (first time: Jan 1942), I am still in awe of the Overseas Railroad, wiped out in the 1935 hurricane, still evidenced by the plethora of still intact bridges, and the great engineering of the right of way evidenced by the current highway's graceful sweeping elevated curves.

Denny (Conked-out Conch in the Keys).

Denny S. Anspach, MD

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