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Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

Mike writes-

Speaking of Prototype Rails reports, we have heard a great deal about the
clinics and even the food but no one has mentioned that we had about 1,000
models on display. That is surely a record. In fact, the table my 20 or so
models was on had about 300 models.
Amen. The free display of models was and is one of the very best and most healthy features of Prototype Rails, the only flaw of which was that one participant's fine models took up an entire table! With every single hour, I came upon more and more models that I could admire, and even better, learn much from.

The fact that the ballroom in which the models were displayed was intermixed with vendor and supplier displays, some chairs to sit down, AND the room was open for just about all the hours of the meet, meant that it also served as THE central gathering place where amiable discourse flourished, commonly centered about one group of fine models or another.

One of the most healthy (healthy!) aspects of the fine models display is the absolute absence -zero- of any "judging" , "Vote for your favorite models", or any of the other corrosively competitive aspects of a "contest". This gives a non-threatening freedom for participants to comfortably bring whatever models they like for whatever reason; which then allows each and every observer, if they so wish, to internally make his or her own judgments only in the context of what is personally important.

As a serendipitous side benefit, the observer also most-certainly becomes aware that not only is fine modeling alive and well, the practitioners of same are anything but the "one-trick ponies" that contests too often showcase, and then reward.

Denny (A Conked out Conch in the Keys, now still conked out in slightly-warmer California!)

Denny S. Anspach, MD

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