FS Complete set of Trains Illustrated.

Brian Carlson

I have for sale all issues of Trains Illustrated Fall 1988 through Fall 1991

this was a short run magazine from Kalmbach. I had a subscription and when
it ended we were dovetailed into Vintage Rails. Ironically, when that ended
was given a pro-rated Classic Trains subscription also from Kalmbach, if I
recall but I

Included in this sale are the following individual issues. Winter
1988, September 1989, December 1989, February 1990, September 1990 (2),
December 1990, February 1991, may 1991, Summer 1991, fall 1991. Also
included is a Kalmbach bound volume for issues 1-8. (winter 1988 through Feb

1991. There is a lot of interesting Steam Era content in the pages.
However, I am looking to sell them since I haven't looked at them in a long
time and I need to reduce my library. I am looking for $20 plus shipping.
If interested please contact me off list at the email below.

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.
Cheektowaga, NY

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