Re: Focus on Freight Cars Series

Brian Rochon

Thanks Richard. I plan to buy every one.


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On Jan 16, 2011, at 6:20 AM, Brian Rochon wrote:

> I received my copy of Volume Two yesterday and the photos are
> great. Thanks Richard and Ted. Does the collection that these
> photos are taken from include other types of cars beyond single and
> double sheathed box and automobile cars such as steel sheathed
> cars, gondolas, hoppers, tank cars and flat cars? If so, what are
> the prospects that additional volumes will be published? I
> understand that, for a variety of reasons, Volume Two took a while
> to be published but I am hungry for MORE! If publication is not in
> the cards, is it possible for additional photos to be made
> available on line? Not knowing who owns the photos and the rights,
> I am not sure what is possible but, given the quality of the photos
> included in the first two volumes, it would be a shame if we did
> not get an opportunity to see more of the collection.

Brian, plans are already afoot for volume 3, with the intention of
producing it faster than volume 2, and additional volumes are
possible if there continues to be a market for them.

Richard Hendrickson

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