Re: New Index effort

Tim O'Connor

Denny, this looks like it could develop into an excellent resource, but
it also may need some strong auditing to ensure consistent quality and

I looked at just two issues of Mainline Modeler and the quality of the entries
is highly variable. My own notes on those two MM issues contains 2x as many
references and each reference is more detailed. I'm not sure the current format
of the web site will accomodate more detailed references but I hope it will.

If this is an NMRA activity, why is it on this "" website?

Tim O'Connor

* Terminology issues: is it an X-43 or an X43? Is it B&M or Boston & Maine?
And so on, raised to infinity. With hundreds of editors, you can imagine
this could spiral out of control (spelling errors anyone?) and render the
whole thing almost useless.

Can anyone explain or expand upon the new "NMRA-based" periodical indexing system at <> ? This is NOT the renewed Kalmbach system, but is a separate effort. That it is apparently "open source" and is to be available to everyone seems to augur real promise, and in a separate way, it is a worthy effort for the NMRA.

Denny S. Anspach MD

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