Re: Rapido reefer

Tim O'Connor

Bill, for those of us who model only AFTER 1954, do you think
Rapido will be doing any repaints or at least post-1954 versions
of these reefers? I know it can be quite difficult to find photos
other than builder photos of such cars.

In fact the only photos I've found are in Gene's "Refrigerator
Car Color Guide":

Dubuque/URTX 63016 (1960 photo, page 113)
Morrell/MRX 5649 (1958 photo, page 66)

Tim O'Connor

We have received many questions about what schemes we are going to be producing on the new GARX wood reefer first shown at Cocoa Beach.

Last night we updated our web site with a listing of the initial offerings, and this information has now also gone out to dealers and distributors. For those interested the information on the cars can be found at and on the paint schemes at Please remember that as discussed before the photos are of the first test samples from tooling which is being revised even as we speak.

Also, we have listed road numbers for each offering. Most, but not all, of these are based on photos. If you have any knowledge that any of these numbers or information is incorrect for the scheme listed please contact me OFF LIST. Its not to late to change!

Also, a caveat before anybody else points it out... While all other schemes are correct for the version of the car as modeled, we are aware that the Swift car is in fact a 1936 built car which should have the earlier underframe arrangement with straight side sills and a vertical brake staff. Hmmm... maybe a Shake-and-Take clinic possibility for next year.....?!

Bill Schneider
Rapido Trains

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