Re: Rapido reefer

Tim O'Connor

Dave, yes, the Kingan is good -- I wasn't sure about it because of
the reinforced sill. And you're right, the MRX/Morrell is a 40' car.

Tim O'

--- In STMFC@..., Tim O'Connor wrote: Bill, for those of us who model only AFTER 1954, do you think Rapido will be doing any repaints or at least post-1954 versions of these reefers? I know it can be quite difficult to find photos other than builder photos of such cars. In fact the only photos I've found are in Gene's "Refrigerator Car Color Guide":
Dubuque/URTX 63016 (1960 photo, page 113)
Morrell/MRX 5649 (1958 photo, page 66)

Tim, another prototype in Gene's excellent book would be Kingan/KGNX 3045 (1955 photo, page 49) which, like Dubuque URTX 63016, has the easily added long center tab. They both also have extended pipe ice bunker drains that are easily added - so long as you don't need much clearance for truck swing on tight-radius model track curves ...
BTW, MRX 5649 appears to be a 40-footer; regretably, I don't have an ORER handy to check the length.
Best regards, Dave Sieber, Reno NV

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